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“Hundreds of thousands” of Nest learning thermostats sold

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Installed at 470 E Napa Street. Sit back and wait — a real review in hand in a bit.


Nest's Tony Fadell at GigaOM RoadMapStartup Nest only launched its learning thermostat last October but the company tells the New York Time’s Bits Blog that it has sold in the “mid-hundreds of thousands,” of units range. The company — which is the brainchild of Tony Fadell, who helped design the iPhone and iPod for Apple (s AAPL) — immediately sold out of the thermostat shortly after launch, leading to long wait times for the product well into 2012.

But now, the company seems to have ramped up production, and at this point, the Nest thermostat is selling through a variety of places including Nest’s online site, the Apple store, big box retailers like Best Buys and Lowe’s and Amazon, among others. Fadell will be discussing what’s next for Nest at our annual RoadMap event, which will focus on design in the age of connectivity and will take place on November 5 in San Francisco (tickets

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Apple Teases Big Reveal on September 12

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REALLY?!? When was the last time that a product has a community so in hand.

iNews Hollywood

Apple Announcement iPhone 5 - H 2012

The date is widely expected to bring the unveiling of the long-awaited iPhone 5.

Apple has delivered an invitation to a select few members of the tech press. 

The location: The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Date and time: September 12 at 10 a.m. And a closer inspection of the shadow cast by the large number 12 on the invite reveals a different number: 5.

STORY: Apple Wins $1 Billion Jury Verdict in Samsung Patent War 

What does it all mean? Most agree the event is the big unveiling of the iPhone 5, the long-awaited successor to the communications device that changed the world — and spurred countless imitators.

The new iPhone is buzzed to have a new design that houses a larger, 4-inch display — though, unlike the iPhone 4, Apple has been successful at keeping the prototype under wraps.

Among the other rumored —…

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Engaging with bloggers – dos and don’ts

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Ockenden's Oracle

Blogging is now firmly part of the mainstream. As print media circulations continue to decline, a multitude of new voices are emerging, self-publishing content as so-called “citizen-journalists”. Mummy bloggers are perhaps the most well-known, followed by food bloggers (have you seen how many people take photos of their food these days?). But it’s not restricted to these groups, because for every niche interest – and I mean every niche interest – there’s a blogger somewhere, writing to an engaged community of readers.

And what’s most interesting is that bloggers are increasingly blurring traditional media boundaries. In many cases it’s bloggers – not the mainstream media – who are able to bring us the real inside track on an issue, less inhibited by the commercial restraints imposed by a publisher. In short, bloggers are increasingly savvy and out there producing, in some cases,   outstanding content, read by huge audiences.

What this…

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Social media it’s about brand, not product.

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This hits closer to home. Well done from my POV.

everything but average

Why do we blog? Why do I blog? Do we want to give or receive? Well giving is a beautiful thing and probably we want to give some but, most of all and most frequently, we all expect receiving, in the end it’s  about us, it’s all about us!
Sometimes brands don’t understand that, in their adventure (literally) on the online social new world. They don’t understand that it’s all about their fans, not themselves. They must fulfil aspirations instead of giving info that everybody already knows.
Nowadays, all info about price or product specifications are as far as a simple click an yet, brands continue to want to control information, they are selling online, via social networks, like they always did it offline. And then what happens? They suck!

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The Dummies guide to getting customers

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Am a big fan of the proverbial funnel….not sure if i agree with all of this but it’s an interesting approach.

When it comes to startups timing really is everything

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Arista's Andy Bechtolsheim at GigaOM RoadMap 2011A few months ago, I was chatting with Andy Bechtolsheim, who is perhaps one of the smartest people in Silicon Valley (as his Sun Microsystems co-founders such as Vinod Khosla would attest). The conversation, which started out very technical in nature, turned into a philosophical discussion, mostly about how much of a role intangibles and timing play in startups. Of course, Andy should know. As an angel investor in startups like Google and co-founder of companies like Sun and Arista Networks, Bechtolsheim has seen that timing is often the key difference between startup success and ignominy.

When it comes to startups, a lot is made of a startup and its founders, the market opportunities, its advisers and the team. Of course, there is chest thumping around investors and the dollars raised. Yes, those are important issues, but let’s not forget about the role of timing. I was reminded of Andy’s comments when…

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