Shameless promotion?

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These smells of bad tv promotion. That said, give em a little credit for trying. Twitter is a media company huh?!!


Much has been made in the last few years of how social media has affected the television experience — specifically, how Twitter and other networks have created incentive for real-time viewing in a world where 45 percent of American households have DVRs. But not every person is live-tweeting every show; hence, gimmicks like the upcoming interactive Hawaii Five-0 seem likely to multiply.

According to Deadline, three different endings were filmed for this Monday’s Hawaii Five-0, each featuring the reveal of a different killer.

During the live broadcasts (both East Coast and West Coast), viewers will be encouraged to vote for whodunit via Twitter or the official CBS (s CBS) site — the winning ending for each broadcast will be aired in real-time. This could, at least in theory, lead to CBS airing a different ending in New York than in Los Angeles.

Actively including social media voting…

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