In-app advertisers need to catch up with mobile technology

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Sounds like “NATIVE” to me.


Based on its traction in the mobile development world, in-app advertising is the best option we have. But if that is the case, why hasn’t it taken off yet? Analysts have said that mobile advertising is a $20 billion opportunity this year in the U.S. alone, but according to even the most optimistic reports, global mobile ad spend in 2012 didn’t even reach $7 billion. Some claim that mobile advertising will never meet these expectations because of its very nature, but I think there is another problem here.

Advertisers in the mobile space need to catch up with advances in mobile technology. Let me explain. If you have played your share of Angry Birds (either on Android or the ad-supported version on iOS), you were surely disappointed and confused when old-fashioned and unattractive display banners appeared right in the middle of such a well-designed and thought-out game. In the…

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