Ads on Kindle Fire HD tablets: Bad news or just business?

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Just business…feels like end aisle displays in super markets and so on.


UpdatedAmazon impressed with its new Kindle Fire HD tablets this week, offering what it calls “high end” devices at low prices. Case in point: The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD(s amzn) has 1920 x 1200 display, dual-antenna Wi-Fi, Dolby audio sound and fast dual-core processor. Twenty minutes before the pricing details, I correctly guessed that Amazon would be aggressive with a $299 price point for the device.

Kindle Fire HD angleThere’s a catch in the price, however, and it’s causing quite a debate. All of the new Amazon Fire HD tablets include “special offers” which are essentially advertisements for Amazon goods and services.

This isn’t new. Kindle readers with special offers have been available since May of 2011: Instead of paying full price, a customer gets a discount on the device, which has ads. In my opinion — as the owner of a Kindle Touch with special offers — these are…

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