Samsung strikes back: Galaxy S III outsells iPhone in U.S.

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I’m not too worried about these folks. WOW.


The battle between Samsung and Apple(s aapl) rages on, but this time, it’s Samsung coming out on top. For the month of August, the top-selling phone at three of the four big U.S. carriers was Samsung’s new Galaxy S III smartphone, according to Apple Insider. The data came from carrier store checks by analyst Michael Walkley with Canaccord Genuity and mark the first time since launch that the iPhone 4S wasn’t the top handset.

Galaxy S III handsetThis news follows the more than 1 billion in damages that Samsung may have to pay Apple due to various patent infringements from prior Samsung smartphones. It’s not likely to offset that much of any such damages, and it’s even less likely that this trend will continue for Samsung: Apple today announced a press event on Sept. 12 where it is expected to launch the iPhone 5.

Indeed part of Samsung’s success with the Galaxy S…

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